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Leaving Belize

In 2004 we moved to Belize without ever having visited. After over 8 years of blood, sweat, tears,¬†joy and heartache, all to the extreme, we have decided to move back to the United States. The primary reason for our decision … Continue reading

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Visiting Western Belize

Traveling to Belize without coming inland is like getting a soft serve ice cream and not eating the cone. Come on! Eat the cone! I spent a significant portion of my life on, in and around the water and I … Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Flesh Eating Parasite

So, for the last couple months the festering sore on my wrist has at times grown, seemed to shrink, and oozed continuously but it has never healed. Oh yeah, I have two, one on my left wrist and one on … Continue reading

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