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A Couple Of Great Values For Exploring Belize

Even if you are not a stereotypical backpacker you can dress like one and do the whole backpacking thing through Belize on the cheap. Another option is to stay at some backpacking hotspots & then sneak off to more luxurious digs … Continue reading

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Questions Of A Middle Aged Man

This aging thing is really a pain in my ass. Besides the numerous little aches, pains, injuries, loss of vision and hearing I am experiencing it seems my friends and family are getting older as well. Now I have friends … Continue reading

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I Think My Flesh Eating Parasite Is Gone

I post this short note to simply follow up with my previous posts on this subject. After a series of injections is looks as though my bout with Leish Maniasis is done. The sores are dried up & almost gone. I … Continue reading

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Attacking My Flesh Eating Parasite

This is a follow up to the article I posted regarding my ongoing battle with leish maniasis. My 12 week intimate relationship with leish maniasis is hopefully coming to a close. After trying 3 cycles of antibiotics, topical ointments and … Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Flesh Eating Parasite

So, for the last couple months the festering sore on my wrist has at times grown, seemed to shrink, and oozed continuously but it has never healed. Oh yeah, I have two, one on my left wrist and one on … Continue reading

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I Got Wood

Late October, 2010. Hurricane Richard had residents and tourists scrambling for shelters, it blew down a lot of trees, wrecked homes and directly impacted over half the population of Belize. The official damage estimate is almost 25 million US dollars. … Continue reading

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This Tuesday in my Life. An American Ex-Pat in Belize.

Tuesday. 6:30 am. Every day we awake to the sound of toucans and their peculiar croaking but today my wife and I both comment that it seems there are even more out there today. Our 3 year old daughter, Cyan, … Continue reading

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